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English Essay on “The Village Uplift” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Village Uplift

India is a country of villages. Villages are the real India. Therefore if we want to improve the condition of the country, we should improve the condition of the villages. Most of the villagers have no education and cannot read or write. Therefore primary education must be made compulsory. There should be a small school in every village. All children must go to school. There should be a night school for grown-up people.

In large villages, there should be a doctor or vaidya. He should be appointed by the Government at its own cost. He should give medicines free. He should also make a tour of smaller villages now and then. He should also hold meetings once a week and tell people about diseases.

The houses should have windows and ventilators. Thus, they will become healthy. There should be cattle sheds at a little distance from the houses. The drains should be made of bricks to make the water flow out easily. There should be pits for manure outside the village. All filth should be deposited in them to make good manure. The doctor or the village schoolmaster should teach the people the laws of sanitation.

Our, farmers follow the old methods of farming. They do not know how to improve their conditions. They use old implements. The government should give them new implements at a low cost. They should be taught the use of chemical manure to increase the productivity of their land. Tube-wells should be sunk to give water to the fields at a cheaper cost.

The farmers are poor. They need money for marriages and other occasions. They spend money freely and lavishly. They take loans at a high rate of interest. The co-operative societies should give those loans at a lower rate of interest. Money lending by private persons should be banned.

Cottage industries should be opened in every village so that the villager get work during their spare time. The villagers often fight among themselves. They go to the courts. The Panchayat should settle all their cases peacefully. There should be no appeal of the judgment of the Panchayat in any civil court. The conditions of the villages can be improved if the above said steps are followed effectively.


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