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English Essay on “An Ideal Village” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Ideal Village

India is a country of villages. There are about 15 lakh villages in India. The majority of people live in the villages. I am also one of them. I belong to Mullana village in Ambala District.

It is 30 kilometers from Ambala. It is on the railway line which goes from Amritsar-Ambala-Delhi1 A pucca road passes by the village. This road goes to Delhi. Near the village, there is a canal for agricultural purposes. The position of the village is very good. It is highly developed. Due to this development, it has become a center of the trade-vegetable market, fair market, station of tongas, tempos, and local buses.

The population of my village is five thousand now. It is increasing day by day. The majority of people are Hindus. The villagers belong to all castes. There are also Muslims too in our village. All the villagers live with unity and co-operation. There is no Hindu-Muslim question. All share the Indian festivals. Holi and Id, both are enjoyed by all the villagers.

There is a village Panchayat. Both Hindus and Muslims are its members. All the disputes are decided here. So nobody goes to court. The village is neat and clean. We have drains. Everybody is responsible for making the village progressive.

We have a small market. All types of things can be seen there. In a month, we have four weekly markets. There are some regular shops. Their number is increasing day by day. Some shopkeepers have modern and fashionable things in their shops.

There are some regular services taking the shape of shops-clothes ironing, hair-cutting, vegetable, repair shops, tea, cold drink, readymade clothes, and other things of daily use.

We have a post office in our village. We have a hospital also. All the villagers get free medicines from the hospital. It is a good center for education. We have education up to twelfth class. There is a local public library. There is a contribution of each villager in the collection of books, newspapers, and periodicals.

There are a co-operative society and one co-operative store also. They give seeds, manures, and other things at cheap rates. We have a co-operative bank also. At least 25% of the population is taking benefit of the banking system in our village.

Thus I can say that my village may be called a model village. I feel proud of it. It is electrified and taking the benefit of government schemes-dung gas plants, manure pits, toilets, and safety cooking chulhas. We have 30 tractors with trollies and other implements. In short, I can call my village, a model village.


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