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English Essay on “Pleasures of Country Life” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Pleasures of Country Life

The poets have been singing in praise of the pleasures of country life. Still, people run to cities in every country. Charms of country life seem to have no attraction for them. Villages justify the remark of Cowper. “God made the country and man made the town.” The naturality and simplicity of villages make us call the villages, the creation of God.

“Life in the country is very simple and innocent. Perfect peace rules there. The retired people love to pass the remaining days of their life in the country. Alexander Pope spoke highly of the quiet life of the country in his poem “On solitude”.

The occupations of the people are very simple and easy. Most of the villagers are agriculturists. They cultivate their own fields and depend on their own labor. They work in the fields of big farmers. All the families find some work and no one remains idle.

The whole work in the village is done in healthy and pleasant surroundings. There are the green fields in which they work. The fresh air, birds singing their sweet notes of peace, and joy remove the fatigue of hard work. They work in a natural and healthy atmosphere all day long. When they return to their homes, their children and wives welcome them and serve them good & delicious food.

There are other charms and advantages of country life. In a village, we can best enjoy the beauty and glory of nature. We can hear the chirping of birds in the morning and evening. Here we can see the scene of the setting sun behind the clouds. The charming beauty of the meadows would fill you with joys. The bubbling of the river, the soft lowing of cows, and the rural games of children are to be appreciated.

The country life has another boon for us. It provides wholesome and pure food. There is no adulteration in food and spices. Further in the country, there is no smoke of chimneys of factories and mills. So the air in the villages is quite pure. Also, crime is less in the villages. They are free from the strifes of the city life: The relations of the villagers with one another are very sweet and harmonious. Villages are free from the city noise:


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