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English Essay on “Case of Senior Citizens” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Case of Senior Citizens

Senior citizens in the twilight of their life need protection, financial security, amusement, love, and affection. The only question is how it can be provided. At present we find fast-changing patterns in our highly materialistic society. We see sons and daughters grabbing old persons’ property and hard-earned funds and then throwing them out in the streets. They do not realize that their parents, who brought them up with the sweat of their brows now require their financial, physical, and emotional support.

Himachal Pradesh has passed “Parents’ Maintenance Legislation. Under this legislation, parents can legally claim maintenance from their children. The Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment should also bring out model legislation. for promoting the maintenance, care, and protection of older persons on the pattern of Himachal’s legislation mentioned above.

Actually, the National Policy On Older Persons (NPOP), concerning state support for financial and social security for older persons was announced in 1999, but it has remained only on paper and no concrete steps have been taken for giving relief to the senior citizens.

Meanwhile, the government and society must make efforts for the welfare of senior citizens. A person above the age of 60 (instead of 65) should be considered a senior citizen and attractive concessions should be given to him/her in various fields. Already senior citizens are allowed a certain percentage of higher interest in banks. It should be allowed in the post office savings also. Senior citizens are also allowed relief in Tax slabs. They should be given a good amount of monthly pension which should be enough for maintaining a simple living.

Free medical aid in the form of tests, medication, operation, hospitalization, etc. should be allowed to old people in hospitals and dispensaries, or there should be only nominal charges for them. Particularly, the old people who do not draw a pension from anywhere and have no other source of income should be given such facilities. The government has started the Senior Citizens’ Pension Scheme which allows 9 percent interest to senior citizens in post offices. But the pension drawn on this scheme is taxable. It should be made tax-free so that senior citizens can heave a sigh of relief.


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