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English Essay on “The Art of Living” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Art of Living

The human body is a residence of the soul. Mind and intellect are the faculties of the soul through with it get itself manifested in the form of various activities. Thus, we can think a man consists of a body, an intellect, a mind. A man is a ruler of all these things called the soul. Hence a meaningful living—is that way of life in which the mind and soul are developed. The art of livings fully awakens our soul. An awakened soul brings the perfection of the physical body, intellect, and mind.

The art of living means principles of living. Some principles of living are objective and some are subjective. For example, to do one’s duty sincerely is an objective principle. But “eat, drink and be merry” is a subjective principle. Another fact of life is that in one’s lifetime, a person has to endure moments of agony, pain, and short moments of happiness.

Modern man lives life with the advancement of science and technology. Life has become more complex. The natural flavor of life has given way to artificiality. His desires have increased so much that it has become very difficult to fulfill them. In the mad race desires, he has forgotten the natural ways of living. The aim of life has become hoarding of luxury articles.

The art of living is spoiled right from childhood. Children are unable to enjoy their childhood because of the pressure of homework. They have to get up early in the morning and they hardly find any time to take proper care of their health. Most of them suffer from dental cavities, abdominal pain, and headache.

When children return home from school, they are alone because their parents are busy either in their office or in their business. Now children are tempted to see cheap TV programs. It makes their eye-sight weak and pollutes their young minds. In their meals, breakfast and fruits are generally missing. It affects their performance in school. Some of the children experience depression also. The water and environmental pollution further contribute to the suffering of the child.

Once the child is out of school or college, he starts a journey to secure a job. His degrees do not help him to get a job. The system of education does not help the boy to start a trade. The Nepotism and bribery enable less competent people to secure a job. This adds to his frustration and life seems to be empty to him.

Under these circumstances, what can the art of living offer to him? The art of living will teach him not to be disheartened. He should have patience and faith in himself and in the Almighty. Be prepared to start life with small beginning. Dignified labor and bread earned by hard work are always sweet. It is nourishing to the body and the soul.

The best wisdom lies in living life fully and completely. You must bear in mind high ideals for the future For a common man, the art of living lies in the healthy development of the body, mind, intellect, and soul.


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