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Employer Reference Letter, complete letter of Reference example.

Employer Reference Letter


The employer reference letter is a kind of letter mostly used when a person is applying for a job. This is most enclosed with a resume and a referral letter. This is a simple business letter that includes the positive traits of an applicant.


Abhimanyu Kumar

Global Commercial Bank

Street No. 5

New Bazar Road


9 October, 2011


Dear Mr. Kumar,

As the manager of the Global Commercial Bank, I worked, with Suresh Sah for the last three years. Suresh started out in the company as cashier and he has been well so he was promoted in the level of Clerk B2.

Suresh has been veryprofessional, responsible and dependable. There’s a rotation policy in the bank where employees are allowed to work on various departments and Suresh has fully took advantage of this. He is presently one of the employees in his grade with the largest knowledge and very eager to learn everything. Suresh is very flexible and he learns quickly. He is one of the favourite employees of the manager and most of the employees like him.

I recommend Suresh because of his dedication, knowledge and skills. Given the opportunity, he will be a great asset to any employer. I am very pleased to refer Suresh and you can contact me easily concerning John’s competence.

Truly Yours

Manoj Kumar


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