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Cover Letter Reference, complete letter of Reference example.

Cover Letter Reference


Cover letter reference is needed once you apply for a work that asks you to provide facts regarding yourself other than what is stated in your resume, this is just to provide excellent views of yourself. It is submitted along with the resume and the details reading the things that you have done.


Mr. Tarun Bansal


Shyam Park



Dear Sir,

Your team is in search for an experienced music advertiser which requires skills and knowledge in order that all things turn to be a reality in showbiz. I acquire great name for hosting some of the most renowned artists and ensuring that everyone takes home what they have concurred. I ensure as well that I obtain the acts to be fully attended because of the marketing that was made and reaction we acquire from various followers.

My last show was for a reggae group that came from the Caribbean island that had about 55 thousand people attended the said event. With the entire profits that we obtained we are able to save sufficient money for donation. This is only one of my successful accomplishments that I have done. I have so many other triumphant doings that I can share to you. I am hoping that we are able to meet and talk about how my capability can help your team.

Sincerely Yours

Maya Srivastava


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