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Computer – Demand of The Modern Era, Complete English Essay, Paragraph for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Computer – Demand of The Modern Era

Today’s world is the era of science. Science has created any miraculous inventions. One of them is the ‘Computer’. It has made man’s life easy and comfortable.

In 1662, a mathematician of France built a machine which could add numbers. The man was Blaze Pascal. Another scientist of England called Charles Babbage tried to invent a machine called the computer, but he couldn’t succeed. The credit of building the modern computer goes to three persons – Mr P. Icrate, Mr John W. Mackley and Mr. G.V. Newman. With their joint co-operation and efforts in 1944, a machine was built. It was named ‘Electronic & Computer’. Then improvements followed one after the other.

A computer calculates, adds, subtracts and multiplies numbers very quickly and correctly. First of all a computer reads what work it has to do. It keeps the order/work in its memory. Then it works according to the given order or instruction. The success of a computer depends on solving the sums swiftly and correctly without any mistake. In brief, the function of a computer depends on its memory.

Now education and training in computer is given in schools, colleges and other institutions. Courses are being run in government as well as private sectors. Now there are courses such as B.C.A/ M.C.A./MSC are being conducted.

Now there is modern training set up. This training of two types – (i) hardware and (ii) software. A computer has several languages, such as – Lotus, COBOL, Pascal, Basic and so on.

These computers are being used in many Indian departments. They are economics, science, warfare predictions, medical science, weather, engineering etc. They are also being used in banks and several firms in a large scale. Big industries too have started doing most of their work with computers. They are used in running factories, making electric motors and electrical items. Now with the help of robot computers such machines can be run which was impossible for man.

In warfare, computers are being used. During the war between America and Iraq the work done by the computers, surprised the world. They were used openly in using heavy cannons, aeroplanes, Helicopters, warships and submarines.

In the beginning, America built it for counting and calculating matters relating to the atom bomb. But now with its help she is planning to make a programme of ‘star-wars’. With the help of computers desirable colours and photo- graphs can be made. In the police department photos of criminals are formed with the help of the eyewitness. These photographs prove helpful in arresting those criminals. For booking tickets in railways and travels in air these computers are used. Countries like India are also making progress in the field of computers. Computers are giving good results wherever they are being used. India is now exporting soft-ware technology. Some firms have started producing computers now in India too.


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