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Congratulations Letter regarding a business success.

Congratulations Letter regarding a business success.

Feb. 10, 2003

Dear Neelkanth,

Congratulations for a stupendous success in your venture. Your jumping into the Information Technology (IT) industry was really well-timed and the way you have surged ahead of your rivals and outmaneuvered them at every step was the real strength of your business acumen. Although I was quite aware of your venture through common friends and your frequent abroad visits regarding business growth, yet seeing your company’s name in the Front page of “Economic Times” was a great thing and going through your interview, I could not help smiling, knowing how shy you used to be in the college days. Let this success not go into your head, instead rest this success and laurels on your shoulders. Your cut-throat attitude has finally paid off and I pray to the Almighty that you continue to scale the heights and reach the zenith.





Feb. 16, 2003

Hi Subodh,

Buddy, long time, no see. How’s life? Yeah, at the moment, I’m basking in the sunshine of success, but remember, it was you, a dull but co-operative banker that initiated my story to success by making a loan available at your own risk. You are the first individual who had complete faith on my venture. It would not be an exaggeration to say that you are the real partner in this venture. Moreover, you were again the first one to buy the shares of my company in the budding stage. Success story like mine needs a selected group of individuals like you who are present at crucial junctures. I hope that you have bought some sleek car by trading the shares of my company and if you have not, then inform me. A surprise is in store for you. Next week, I’ll be out for a fortnight for a trip to the U.S.A. for negotiating some software deal. En route to New York, I’ll drop- in at your place, since my flight is from New Delhi. The rest when we meet.

Lovingly Yours



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