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Congratulations Letter regarding a job.

Congratulations Letter regarding a job.

Feb. 20, 2003

Dear Nandu,

Accept my heartiest congratulations on landing yourself a coveted job in one of the top private sector companies in the country. And it gives me great joy to know that you have overcome your days of long wait and frustration that precede such good times. I always had immense faith in your talent and knew that you are going to get a decent job. Your parents should be quite proud of you, although that they were more interested in you joining the public sector. “Fortune favours the brave” proves to be true in your case and I’m sure that you are still to win enough laurels in your lifetime to make your generation, both past and future, proud. I only pray to the Omnipresent to help you in your every endeavour and take you to the heights of success.

Keep it up and keep surging ahead, henceforth.

Forever Yours,




Feb. 26, 2003

Dear Chandan,

Let me thank you for that congratulatory letter, and with it came the fond memories of the days when you joined the coveted IAS service and I could not make it and was crestfallen. It was your advise at that pertinent point of time which became the single motivating factor to propel me towards success. When the offer letter came to my address, you were the first one I remembered and hence you were the first one to be informed. Working in private sector is no joke, as you once told me and I have kept that in mind and this is just the first step and yes there are more to come, but the first step for a toddler is the most important step, the rest comes automatically thereafter. Keep writing to me your motivating letters, they really pep me up.

Forever Yours,



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