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CBSE ASL Class 9, “Problem Solving Task Answers” for Task 1 To Task 5 Class 9

ASL for class 9 “Problem Solving Task Answers”

Task 1

Q1.         What role do you think Parents play in this problem?

Ans.    Parents do not spend time with their children. They give their children mobile phones so that they keep themselves busy and do not disturb them.

Q2.         What precautions should be taken so that this problem is not repeated?

Ans.               Children should be encouraged to take part in other activities when they are in school. Parents should spare time for the children to help them to achieve those goals.

Tasks 2

Q1.         Do you think your solution would be acceptable?

Ans.       Yes I think so because motivation by peers is effective.

Q2.         Cold there be some other ways to reach solution?

Ans.       I think incentives should be given to the participants either in for in of money other trophies.

Q3.         How easy do you think it would be to put your solution in place?

Ans.       No doubt it is difficult because of lack of time and facilities but we can achieve the goals if we have determination.

Task 3.

Q1.         Speed sound interesting? Could you expand on this?

Ans.       I think proper expiation of this is speed thrills but kills.

Q2.         Could there be another possible way to reach a solution?

Ans.     Yes, workshops should be arranged by the Traffic Police in different schools to make the students aware about traffic rules.

Task 4

Q1.         What you’re saying is quite interesting? Could you expand on it?

Ans.      Violence creates lots of problems so we should adopt peaceful methods, we will approach the MC and Members of the community to get help.

Q2.         What could be some other ways to reach a solution?

Ans.      We should make efforts to aware the students and people of local areas to arrange peaceful demonstrations.

Task 5.

Q1.         What role do you think parents play in the problem, Why?

Ans1.    Parents can play important role because the child spend a lot of time at home. They learn most from their parents so they should guide their children in right direction.

Q2.         What could be some other ways to reach a solution?

Ans.      I think teachers and friends during school time must motivate the child to take part in extracurricular activities. They should help him in solving his or her problems.


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  1. kratika says:

    how can you encourage your friends to give more importance to knowledge their marks ?

  2. Adya says:

    I want answer on Your school does not havea playground and students feel the need for the same.

  3. Arya Nandani says:

    nice solution

  4. Bharat singh gandhi says:

    You visit a place of historical importance with your friend and come across people who scribble their name and messages on the wall of the movement although you do not take it up with them you are upset by ineitince 1 discuss with your partner how your parent , how you can awareness regardig such things 2 what role student can play to check such action

  5. Kasim says:

    Your school plans for an excursion every year for students. This year your class students want to plan an educational trip of their choice. Discuss with your partner on the topic.
    I need answer for this problem.

  6. Abhi singh says:

    A friend has not done as well as she expected to do in her exams.She is upset and now blames the teacher for her performance.Discuss with your partner what would you do.(1)To help her to get over her dissappointment and to move forward.(2)To help her think about ways to improve her grades further,and to not blame others.

  7. Shailendra shukla says:

    Please give me idea for discussion if I am going in way and I found an injured kitten and also I am getting late for exam what I should do.

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