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CBSE ASL Speaking Task 7 Answer for Class 9, “Students spend a lot of time playing with gadgets” Task 7

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-IX (2016-17)
Speaking Test (Prompts)

Task 7

Most of the students in your class spend a lot of time playing with gadgets. They do not like to play any outdoor games.
Discuss with your partner:

1. What should be done to encourage students to involve themselves in more of outdoor games?

2. How they should try to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Candidate A: Hi ! Suman. How do you spend your evenings?

Candidate B: Hi ! Gunjan. I play badminton in the evenings.

Candidate A: That is great. But I am worried about my other friends.

Candidate B: What’s the matter?

Candidate A: Suman, you must have noticed that now a day’s most of the students spend their time playing with gadgets.

Candidate B: Yes, you are right. It affects their health adversely.

Candidate A: Yes, it increases obesity and other diseases.

Candidate B: It makes them irritating and restless. They cannon concentrate on their students.

Candidate A: But, how can we help our friends came out of this situation?

Candidate B: We should talk with them and tell them the benefits of outdoor games. Once they get a chance to enjoy nature and the sense of togetherness with others, they will come out to play.

Candidate A: Yes, we will definitely they to commence them and take help from elders also.

Candidate B: Yes, certainly


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