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CBSE ASL Speaking Answer for Class 11, “Student’s poor eyesight in the class” Task 6

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-XI (2016-17)
Speaking Test (Prompts)

Task 6
Most of the students in your class have difficulty in viewing the blackboard due to poor eyesight but they choose not to wear spectacles. This leads to errors in their written work and notes.

With your partner, discuss:

1. Why these students don’t wear spectacles?
2. How you could promote awareness about better eye care?

Follow-up questions
a) What advice…? Would…accept…?
b) Would you involve other classes…? Why?
c) How could the students wearing spectacles…?
d) Do you think parents…?
e) Would it be a good idea to ask famous personalities…? Why?
f) What do you feel could motivate…?
g) How easy/difficult do you think it would be…? Why?
h) What do you think about…?
i) How could you a real life example to…?
j) Would you suggest that schools…? Why?

Candidate A : Hello friend how are you?

Candidate B : Hello ! I am fine but….

Candidate A : But…. What is the matter. You seem worried.

Candidate B : Yes, I am worried for my friends in the class.

Candidate A : What has happened to them?

Candidate B : They are getting poor scores and make lots of mistakes.

Candidate A : What could be the reason?

Candidate B : The reason is their poor eyesight.

Candidate A : Then, they must wear spectacles.

Candidate B : That’s the problem, friend. They don’t wear spectacles because they think wearing spectacles will make them look funny. Others will thought at them and tease them for wearing spectacles.

Candidate A : But, they are harming their eyesight even more this way. We should do something to convince them.

Candidate B : What can we do?

Candidate A : We must tell them the appearance doesn’t matter. And if spectacles help them in better vision they must wear spectacles.

Candidate B : Yes, they should understand this.

Candidate A : We shall tell them about better eye care and its effect on our health and life.

Candidate B : Thank you friend. It will certainly be good job.


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  1. Plizzz mujhe prompt ke questions ke answer bhi de dijiye

  2. Plizzz mujhe prompt ke questions ke answer bhi de dijiye

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