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CBSE ASL Answer for Class 11, “Friends from school to spend time at malls” Task 5

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-XI (2016-17)
Speaking Test (Prompts)

Task 5
A couple of your friends frequently absent themselves from school to spend time at the local malls. They have been pressurising you to do the same. 

With your partner, discuss:

  • How this makes you feel?
  • What you think could be the best way to make them understand that that’s wrong?

Follow-up questions
a) Would you suggest involving…?
b) Do you think the teacher can…?
c) How would … respond if you….?
d) Is there a way …might help?
e) Will… change if…?
f) Would it be a good idea to …?Why/why not?
g) Why not try to…?
h) How easy/difficult do you think it would be for you…?
i) Would you agree that friends…? Why?
j) What do you think might happen if you…?

Candidate A : Hi Rohan. Have you noticed something about our classmates.

Candidate B : What are you talking about?

Candidate A : Many of our friends remain absent and spend their time at local malls.

Candidate B : Oh ! That’s very bad. They shouldn’t do that.

Candidate A : Some of my friends even pressurise my to join them.

Candidate B : You should refuse them firmly

Candidate A : Oh ! I try to refuse them but they continue on putting pressure on me to do the same.

Candidate B : That is not good. We must stop them.

Candidate A : Yes, you are right. We must stop them.

Candidate B : But, what can we do?

Candidate A : Be patient, we will talk to them first and tell that it is wrong to waste time at the malls for a student. And if they don’t understand them….

Candidate B : What shall we do then?

Candidate A : We shall take their parents and our teachers in confidence and take their help to resolve this problem.

Candidate B : Yes, that will solve the problem, otherwise it will be dangerous for them and will bring bad name for school and parents both.

Candidate A : So, It is decided we shall do something.

Candidate B : Yes !


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