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CBSE ASL Speaking Answer for Class 11, “Your best friend often picks up quarrels with junior students” Task 7

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-XI (2016-17)
Speaking Test (Prompts)

Task 7
You notice that your best friend often picks up quarrels with junior students in the school bus. You feel that most times he’s unreasonable.

With your partner discuss:

1. What could be the reasons for this behaviour?
2. How you could convince her/him to stop this?

Follow-up questions

a) What advice…? Would…accept…?
b) How could some of your common friends help?
c) Do you think it is okay to…?
d) Would it be a good idea to…? Why?
e) What action could discourage…?
f) How easy/difficult do you think it would be…? Why?
g) What do you think about…?
h) Would you suggest that the school stop…? Why?
i) Would you involve the class teacher…? Why?
j) How would you ensure that this problem….?

Candidate A : Ram, I am worried for Mohan

Candidate B : What happened to him?

Candidate A : He had a quarrel with a boy yesterday and he was punished for ill treating a small boy.

Candidate B : Oh ! I have also noticed that he loses his temper very easily. What could be the reason?

Candidate A : I don’t know exactly but I feel he has some psychological problem.

Candidate B : That may be the reason. Because he is physically not so strong and has an inferiority complex.

Candidate A : Yes, Because whenever he has a quarrel, it is with juniors and particularly in the school bus.

Candidate B : Then it is a serious problem. He must come out of it otherwise nobody will like his company.

Candidate A : Yes, you are right. We must do something to help him.

Candidate B : But, now can we convince him to stop this?

Candidate A : We shall tell him that physical strength is not the only attribute to judge a person’s worth. It is his behavior and work that matters. If we treat others nicely we will get back goodness.

Candidate B : Yes, you are right. He must grow up and understand his position. I suggest to take help from our classmates in this matter.

Candidate A : I hope we shall be successful in our efforts


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