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CBSE ASL of Speaking for Class 9 Prompt 4 “Last week your friend was hurt ” Answer 4

Answer “Prompt – 4”


Last week your friend was hurt when a basketball hit him.

Discuss with your partner what safety rules should be followed in the school playground. How can these be implemented?

Candidate A – Our friend Mohit was injured last week while playing basketball. He had not used the safety.

Candidate B – That is why it is very important to use safety measures while playing any kind of sports.

Candidate A – Actually, there is lack of safety equipment in the school and his sports coach does not pay attention towards it.

Candidate B – This is a very serious issue. Safety rules must be followed while playing otherwise, these kind of accidents will continue to happen.

Candidate A – You are right, I think the players must consult with their coach about this and if necessary approach the principal for that.

Candidate B – Definitely, safety comes first.

Question 1 :- How can these be implemented?

Answer 2 :- First of all safety equipment should be purchased and then the sports coach pay at most attention that every single player has guarded himself before going into the play ground.


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