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CBSE ASL of Speaking Answer 2 for Class 11, Prompt-2 “Your friend study abroad”


Your friend wishes to study abroad. He is very good at his subject but weak in English. With your partner discuss:

  • the problems he could face at the interview.

  • how he could improve his speaking skills.


Ans 2. 

Candidate A: Do you know our friend Sonu is going abroad to study but finding it very difficult to cope up with English language.

Candidate B: Sonu is very good in every other subject but legs behind in English.

Candidate A: That is why he is very upset about the interview, he has to face in English.

Candidate B: He will have to face many problems in his future if he did not learn to command over English.

Candidate A: You are absolutely right. He should take coaching from a good institute to improve his language.

Candidate B: True, he should take coaching as well as practice a lot at home. Because language can be brushed just by practicing.

Candidate A: Well said! We should take it to him and ask him to enroll in a good institute and practice language at home as well.

Candidate B: Okay, let’s go and help him.

Candidate A: Okay let’s go.


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