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CBSE ASL of Speaking Answer 3 for Class 11, Prompt-3 “Research on the Internet”


You are to work in pairs on a project that involves research on the Internet. Your project partner points out that many classmates are trying to download and use the same materials. Discuss the value of respecting copyright and what problems could arise from disregarding copyright rules.


Candidate A:  Do you know maximum of the students are just copying the same material from the internet for the project.

Candidate B: Yes, I have seen that. All are trying to download the something. None of our friends are worried or considering copyright rules.

Candidate B:  Copyright rules should be respected and as students we should take utmost care regarding that.

Candidate A:  You are right if copyright rules are not followed and respected that new ideas and research will not be taken up by enthusiasts.

Candidate B:  True! It can produce very negative results. We should take up this matter with them and try to convince them not to copy materials without properly acknowledging them.

Candidate A: Yes! This problem can only be resolved through negotiations.

Candidate B: So, it is final we will talk to them.

Candidate A:  Yes final!


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