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CBSE ASL of Speaking Answer for Class 11, Prompt-1 “school canteen is unhygienic”


The food in your school canteen is unhygienic.

Discuss with your partner:

  • what problems this might cause.
  • what can be done to improve the quality of food served.



Candidate A: many of our school friends are becoming ill now a days.

Candidate B: Hummmm! Previous week I was also ill and the doctor who diagnosed me told me that it was food poisoning.

Candidate A: Food poisoning! Ramesh was also fell ill due to food poisoning. I think the food which is being served in our canteen is unhygienic and that is why students are getting ill.

Candidate B: I think you are right, unhygienic food can cause a lot of ailments. We should abstain from this type of food.

Candidate A: How can we? If in our own school canteen this type of unhygienic food is served.

Candidate B:  You are right it can cause very much damage to the health of students so it should be stopped.

Candidate A: We should written an application to our principal sir regarding this.

Candidate B: Yes! Only then this problem can be solved. Let’s go and talk to our friends.

Candidate A: Let’s go.


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