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CBSE ASL of Speaking Answer 4 for Class 11, Prompt-4 “Friend spend time on TV”


Your classmate is an introvert who spends all his free time watching television serials. With your partner discuss how you will convince him/her to

  • Watch selected programmes that would be more suitable.

  • Use the time for developing outdoor hobbies.

Ans. 4

Candidate A:  Our classmate Rohan is very introvert. He never talks to anyone in the class.

Candidate B: Hummm! He never interacts with anyone. All he does is watching Television at home in his free time.

Candidate A:  He should be counseled and motivated to leave this bad habit and indulge in outdoor hobbies and if he wants to watch Television then he should watch those programs which are beneficial for him.

Candidate B: Yes! He only watches selective programs which are not fruitful for any students. But how can we convince him to drop this bad habit.

Candidate A:  We can motivate him by giving various example of advantages in playing outdoor and watching educational programs.

Candidate B:  This idea will definitely work. So we will motivate him daily.

Candidate A:  Yes! Daily encouragement will surely work.


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