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CBSE ASL “Listening Test Worksheet” (ASL) 2017 for Class 10, Listening Test Audio Script 2

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-X (2016-17)
Listening Test (Worksheet)

Time: 1 hour

Max Marks: 20

Task 1

You will hear 5 short extracts of people talking about benefits of travelling.

Read the statements below, then listen to the extracts and match each statement A–G to each speaker 1–5. There are two statements you do not need. You will hear the recording twice.

A. Travelling helps you think over the questions of life and existence.

B. Travelling gives you opportunities to get new relatives.

C. Travelling is the best way to get new outlook towards people.

D. Travelling helps you in learning about different cultures.

E. Travelling helps you in spending your money leisurely.

F. Travelling deepens our bond with human kind.

G. Travelling helps you discover your real self.

Speaker Statement

Task 2

You will hear an interview with a famous blogger Miss Verma on the topic of “Travelling for a fest/ Festival or mela”. Read the sentences below, then listen to the conversation and choose A, B or C for each sentence. You will hear the recording twice.

1. It is good to visit a city during a fest because

A. locals are more sociable
B. you can watch many movies
C. winters are always fun

2. Visiting music fest has the added benefit that

A. only popular bands play there
B. you get to see your favourite musicians
C. It is easy to buy tickets

3. The speaker calls the food at the fest the best and the worst food because

A. it is very cheap
B. it is sold every where
C. it tastes good after you are tired

4. Camping in a fest is enjoyable because

A. you can play with your friends
B. there is very little space in the camp
C. It is very easy to get a camp

5. It is more interesting to visit Jaisalmer during the Desert fest because

A. it is held in the winter season
B. it showcases the rich culture of the region
C. it is full of desert camels

6. It is easy to open up and socialize at fest because

A. you have to stand in queues
B. everyone is in a happy mood
C. you can make fun of anybody

Task 3

You will hear Mrs. V.K. Kathpalia, a senior psychiatrist, talking about the benefits of having a hobby. Read the question below, then listen to the extract and choose four of the options from A–G which are correct. You will hear the recording twice. Which FOUR of the following statements does the speaker believe to be true?

A. Hobbies keep your life stress free.

B. Hobbies make you rich and handsome.

C. Hobbies enrich your perspective.

D. Hobbies give you a different ideology.

E. Hobbies help you avoid boredom.

F. Hobbies are a way to relieve stress.

G. Hobbies help you meet new people.

Task 4

You will listen to two students, a boy and girl, debate on the topic ‘technology makes us alone’. Read the sentences below, then listen to the conversation and complete the sentences with one or two words only.

You will hear the recording twice.

1. Advantages of regular health checkups far outweigh the money or time we ____ on it.

2. Regular health checkups can help ___________ critical illnesses early.

3. According to the girl, you can get suggestion on ________living from your doctor.

4. According to the boy, it can be quite ________ to visit a doctor.

5. We should not try to___________ ourselves through self-medication.


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