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CBSE Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL) 2017 for Class 10, Listening Test Audio Script 2 with Answers

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-X (2016-17)
Listening Test (Audio Script)

Time: 1 hour

Max Marks: 20

Task 1

You will hear 5 short extracts of people talking about benefits of travelling.

Read the statements below, then listen to the extracts and match each statement A to G to each speaker 1 to 5. There are two statements you do not need. You will hear the recording twice.

Speaker 1

For me travelling is the best way of changing one’s perspective towards different people. You meet so many people along your journey and they all influence you in some way. You just forget about your petty problems and understand that there are a lot of people who are struggling for bare necessities in life. It helps you learn new points of view about leading your life.

Speaker 2

I often wonder about questions related to existence and ask myself about the meaning of life and if there is a singular meaning that can apply to all of us. For me life is about having as many different experiences as possible. Imagine the infinite possibilities travelling opens up. In our daily life we don’t really have time to think about things that matter. Travelling gives one the time to wonder about life and the big questions of universe.

Speaker 3

Travelling also has great academic and scholastic value. Imagine going to places of great historical value. It is great for stoking curiosity of a young child. You get to learn so much about a new place, its culture, its traditions and its history. You might even encounter a new language. You get to learn about different kinds of arts and crafts associated with that place. You also learn about the food and fashion habits of the people living in that place.

Speaker 4

Travel is important because it fundamentally transforms us. The experience of waking up to the power of your own transformation gives you new zest for life. It can be great for self-discovery, facing your fears and realizing your hidden potential. It can also help in re-evaluation of one’s priorities in life. In life we are either worried about past or anxious about future. We are never in the present. Travelling helps you in appreciating the present moment for what it is.

Speaker 5

It introduces you to a great diversity of people. It helps in removing all the biases, prejudices that we all develop in our daily life. It makes you a better and more complete human being. Travel helps you in generating empathy and compassion for everyone. We all have our favorite holidays and trips that we will never forget. It helps in creating wonderful memories together. It helps in deepening our bond, our connection not only with our family members, our friends but humanity at large.

Task 2

You will hear an interview with a famous blogger Miss Verma on the topic of “Travelling for a Festival or fest”. Read the sentences below, then listen to the conversation and choose A, B or C for each sentence. You will hear the recording twice.

Interviewer: Hello Mam, welcome to our show. So what is it about travelling for a festival like we say a fest that makes it different from regular travel?

Blogger: If you’re visiting a city during season of a particular festival, I think you’ll find the whole city a bit friendlier. When Goa hosts its annual film fest, the whole city comes alive with red carpets. It’s a fest that even the local people love. The city celebrates those two weeks in winter and everyone is just that much happy and friendly.

Interviewer: A lot of people love visiting music fests. What do you think draws them?

Blogger: Music fests have many added advantages. At music fests, you can end up seeing your favorite musicians multiple times at the cost of a normal one-off ticket. There may be about a dozen other bands where you can hopefully discover new music. I think that is what attracts people to these music fests.

Interviewer: Well then what do you think about the food at these fests?

Blogger: That’s my favourite part. Food at fests has its own attraction. It might be overpriced — but then, that’s the fun of it! Give me French fries in a paper cup at anytime and I’m going to love it. Fest food stalls sell all type of best and worst food! But somehow everything just tastes better when you’ve been in the sun all day, dehydrated from this day’s activities.

Interviewer: People say that many fests require you to camp in their grounds. Is this true?

Blogger: Could be. Personally I don’t like camping. But give me a fest which requires camping and I’ll be there with open arms! In fest camping you set up a camp-ground with friends and play games and this helps you quickly make friends with your camping neighbours. Space is usually tight at fest camp-grounds but then it doesn’t matter much.

Interviewer: What about places you have visited earlier?

Blogger: If you’ve already visited a destination, visit again during a special fest. For example, I’ve been to Jaisalmer a number of times but this time I went there to attend the Annual Desert Fest organized in the month of January. I saw a whole different side of the city and I loved it! Celebrated with a number of cultural events, camel races, folk music, turban tying competitions etc., the fest bring to life the traditions of the place. The rich culture of the region is on display during this three day long colourful celebration. The fest attracts a large number of foreign tourists.

Interviewer: Finally one last thing that you really love about fests.

Blogger: Obviously fests are different from one another, but all fest-goers have a sort of positive attitude that makes everyone friendly and fun. I can’t tell you how many strangers I’ve made friends with at fests. When queuing up for food, for refreshments etc. people somehow just open up and happily talk to strangers.

Interviewer: That’s all, Mam. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Task 3

You will hear Mrs. V.K. Kathpalia, senior psychiatrist, talking about the benefits of having a hobby. Read the question below, then listen to the extract and choose four of the options from A–G which are correct. You will hear the recording twice. All hobbies produce psychological benefits. Besides improving creativity and generating good moods, hobbies enhance the ability to focus and concentrate.

Concentration produces neurotransmitters that create hormones to retain interest, focus and spark enthusiasm. Having a hobby helps reduce stress because it gives people outlets. Hobbies make you forget the job stress and personal issues. They keep you fresh. The happiest seniors are the ones who lead active lifestyles and have social outlets.

Any opportunity to learn something new is great for character-building. Hobbies teach us to see the world through refreshed eyes. What you do for a living or where you are from may give you common ground with a small, select portion of the people. But, if you like gardening, listening to music or playing badminton, your hobby makes you share a wide range of ideas with different types of individuals and their customs.

Also I really believe that boredom is responsible for a lot of society’s ills and people’s destructive behaviours. Most of the people come home and take tea every evening only because it’s something to do while they watch TV, What if 1 or 2 of those evenings they were at a class playing guitar or dancing to the tunes of Bhangra instead?

Many hobbies provide stress relief simply because they’re a change from the rest of your life. Hobbies make you interesting. At a party, if you can only talk about being a good manager people start getting bored but if you can sing a song or describe your recent visits to some small villages, people would really want to hear more from you.

So what are you waiting for! Go, get a hobby.

Task 4

You will listen to two students, a boy and a girl, debating on the topic ‘importance of having regular health checkups’. Read the sentences below, then listen to the conversation and complete the sentences with one or two words only.

You will hear the recording twice.

Rahul: Hello Ria! Where are you going?

Ria: I am going to the dentist.

Rahul: Do you have a toothache or something?

Ria : No. I’m going for my regular dental checkup.

Rahul: What is this? Who goes to a dentist without toothache? Maybe you don’t brush your teeth regularly!

Ria: Of course I brush my teeth but don’t tell me you don’t get your teeth checked regularly.

Rahul: Oh, come on, that’s a great waste of time?

Ria: No, it’s not a waste of time but very important. The benefits of regular checkups far outweigh the time you will be investing in it. It is important for people of all ages to schedule dental checkups, in fact not only dental checkups but regular health checkups.

Rahul: Oh come on, such check ups are advertised by doctors to earn more money.

Ria: I think you are wrong there. Even when you feel you are fit and healthy, there is always the possibility that you may be developing a medical problem that is undetectable in the beginning but can have further complications in future. Any medical problems that adults under 40 years of age have can still be detected through a physical examination while those over forty need to undergo specialized tests.

Rahul: And, what about the cost?

Ria: With a good health care provider the little time and money you may spend on health checkups would be very less compared to the benefits. It is a little but valuable investment especially if the medical check-ups were able to detect a serious medical condition or illness. After all, the cost of getting a blood test and the following visits are nothing compared to treatments for the various chronic illnesses.

Rahul: I still feel it may be very depressing to go to a doctor for no reason at all. It would give me stress.

Ria: But, I feel your doctor can advise you on ways to promote healthy lifestyles. It can help in case you have an existing medical condition that requires attention. Consulting a doctor can also help to remove any stress you may have by discussing your general well-being and giving you practical advice on how to live healthy.

Rahul: Are you trying to say that going to the doctor is a stress buster?

Ria: Yes, but all I am saying is that nearly half of the health disorders that we are facing today are somehow connected to our stress. You might have seen so many patients of hypertension, diabetes and heart problems. Moreover many people instead of visiting the doctor for common cold, flu or stomach ache deal with these illnesses through self-medication. They become their own doctors. Self-medication may deal with these issues temporarily but the real cause of these problems remains untreated and may result in a serious illness in future.

Rahul: Ok Ria. I agree that you may have a point. Now aren’t you getting late for your appointment.

Ria: Oh my God! I completely forgot.

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-X (2016-17)
Listening Test (Key)

Time: 1 hour

Max Marks: 20


Task : 1

Speaker Statement
1 C
2 A
3 D
4 G
5 F

Task – 2

1. A
2. B
3. C
4. A
5. B
6. B

Task- 3

A, C, E, F

Task 4

1. invest
2. detect
3. healthy
4. stressful
5. treat/cure


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