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Shorthand Stenography Online Course Chapter 1 “Introduction To Stenography”

Introduction to Stenography

You have learnt to read and write English language. You must have learnt an Indian language as well. So, you are quite familiar with their scripts or alphabets. But, do you know that these scripts are not fast enough to write the language as quickly as you might require ? Look at Fig. 1.1 and Fig. 1.2 below wherein a word and a sentence have been written both in English script as well as in shorthand. Compare the movements of pen and time taken in writing the word and the sentence in English and shorthand. You will definitely find the difference.

English Shorthand

Fig. 1.1. Know        

Fig.1.2 I do not know       

Don’t you see that the word ‘know’ and the sentence ‘I do not know’ have very small and short outlines in shorthand ? Since the language scripts are not fast enough, there arose a need for a ‘speedy script’ to write a language as quickly as you might require. This is exactly what shorthand is. The shorthand has as such all the qualities to record the human voice speedily. Ordinarily, shorthand writing is six times quicker than the language writing. In order to record the human voice into neat and clean shorthand script, and to transcribe the same accurately, you require thorough knowledge of the principles of the system of shorthand, aided by a good background of the language. With the invention of the typewriter the transcription of notes written in shorthand is now done on a typewriter/computer, so that the documents could be typed speedily, accurately and neatly. Thus, the term ‘Stenography’ has now come to be used in a wider sense, to represent the combination of three skills – Shorthand, Transcription and Typewriting. While the Shorthand and Transcription shall form the contents of these lessons, you will also have to acquire a fairly good speed – say 30-40 words per minute – in typewriting, unless you possess it already. Wherever you start learning any subject or skill, it is necessary for you to know its background, importance and the methodology used in learning this subject or attaining that skill. You will, therefore, study in the first lesson, importance of shorthand, qualities required for a successful Stenographer, techniques for writing shorthand and the material used in writing shorthand.1.2


After going through this lesson, you will be able to –
l recall the meaning of Stenography and definition of shorthand;
l explain the importance and scope of shorthand and other related subjects
or skills.
l enumerate the essential qualities of a Stenographer;
l adopt correct sitting posture when taking dictation;
l list the equipment (including dictation equipment) and the materials
required for writing shorthand.
l list the points to be kept in mind while transcribing.


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