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CBSE ASL Answer for Class 11, “schoolmates talented football and kho-kho players” Task 4

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-XI (2016-17)
Speaking Test (Prompts) 4

Task 4

Some of your schoolmates are extremely talented football and kho-kho players. However, your school just offers cricket and volleyball coaching.With your partner, discuss:

1. How this impacts the students who play football and kho-kho?
2. The ways in which this situation can be resolved.

Follow-up questions
a) How easy/difficult do you think it would be for you…?
b) Is there a way …might help?
c) How does … affect…? Will… change if…?
d) Would you agree that equal opportunities…? Why?
e) Do you think the Sports Captain can…?
f) How would you…?
g) Would it be a good idea to …?Why/why not?
h) Why not try to…?
i) Would you suggest involving…?
j) How would … receive your idea?

Candidate A:  Hello, Shyam

Candidate B:  Hello, Ram

Candidate A:  How is your cricket coaching going?

Candidate B:  It’s fine but……

Candidate A:  But….. What is the problem?

Candidate B:  I don’t have any problem but I am thinking about some of my friends.

Candidate A:  Your friends ! What has happened to them?

Candidate B:  Nothing. But they are just deprived of opportunity to get their skills in football and kho-kho sharpened like me.

Candidate A:  But, why?

Candidate B:  Because our school offers coaching in cricket and volley ball only

Candidate A:  That’s bad. It will prove a hurdle in their becoming good players. They may not be able to achieve success inspite of talent.

Candidate B:  Yes, it will certainly hamper their growth.

Candidate A:  We should convince the school authorities that coaching facilities for other sports like football and kho-kho must be started in the school.

Candidate B:  Yes, we can tell them that these extreme talented players will bring laurels to schools.

Candidate A:  Yes, we are going to meet the principal.


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