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CBSE ASL Answer for Class 11, “Annual Dance Competition”

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills

Class – XI (2016-17)

Speaking Test (Prompts)

Task 2


Your friend could not get selected to represent the school at the group annual dance competition. He / She has become rude with all the other dance participants and the dance teacher.

With your partner discuss:

  • What the reasons for this behavior could be ?
  • How you could help her/him resolve this issue?

Follow- up questions

  1. What advise …? Would …. Accept …?
  2. Would you involve the class teacher …? Why ?
  3. How  could the selected dance group participants help …?
  4. Do you think it is unfair that only some students can ?
  5. Would it be a good idea to ask the dance teacher …? Why ?
  6. What recognition / opportunity …. Could motivate …. ?
  7. How easy / difficult do you think it would be …? Why ?
  8. What do you think about …?
  9. Can you think of a real – life example ….? How could you use the example to …?
  10. Would you suggest that schools stop…? Why ?


Candidate A : Congratulations ! Arnav

Candidate B : Thank you, Geetansh

Candidate A : you have been selected to represent the school at the group Annual dance competition but still you look sad. Why ?

Candidate B : Oh ! The reason is Aman.

Candidate A :  What happened to Aman.

Candidate B : He was also preparing for the dance competition but unfortunately he was not selected.

Candidate A : Then, It is not such a thing to be sad.

Candidate B : Yes, but his rude behavior with other participants and the dance teacher made us sad and worried.     

Candidate A : Oh ! That’s really sad.

Candidate B : But, what could be the reason for his rude behavior?

Candidate A : I think he is arrogant and over confident about his dancing skills.

Candidate B : A good artist must be humble and accept the judgment of jury and have respect for other participants.

Candidate A :  Yes, We must talk to him about this matter.

Candidate B : Thank  you friend. We shall try to convince him that selection or rejection is a different matter but a person must be  well behaved in every situation. He will get more chances in future if remains cool and positive.


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