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CBSE ASL Answer for Class 11, “Students litter the classroom” 2

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills

Class – XI (2016-17)

Speaking Test (Prompts)

Task 1


Some students continue to litter the classroom during lunch break despite repeated warnings by the class monitor. With  your partner , discuss:

  • Why is this a wrong practice ?
  • What you think could be the best way to stop them ?

Follow – up questions

  1. Would it be a good idea to …? Why / why not? 
  2. Why not try to ..?
  3. How easy/ difficult do you think it would be for you..?
  4. Would you agree that good habits of hygiene start …? Why ?
  5. Do you think the teacher can ?
  6. How would you…?
  7. Would you suggest involving parents ?
  8. Is there a way …. Might help?
  9. How would….. respond ?
  10. How does …. Affect….? Will ….. change if ?


Candidate A : Hi! Raman.

Candidate B : Hi ! Chaman. What are you doing ?

Candidate A :  These days I am working on plan to make our classroom clean  with my classmates.

Candidate B : Oh ! That’s nice. But our classroom becomes dirty  after lunch break.

Candidate A : Why ? how it happens ?

Candidate B : There are some students in our class who continue to litter the class room during lunch break despite repeated warnings by the class monitor.

Candidate A :  That is really a wrong practice. We must stop this.

Candidate B : But, how can we do this ?   

Candidate A : We can talk with those students and make them realize their mistake.

Candidate B : For  that they will have to be taught about good habits and hygiene.

Candidate A : Yes, we will do that. We shall tell them that our classroom belongs to us. If we litter there house files and other insects will come there and bring diseases.

Candidate B : Yes, it also present a poor picture of our class and school.

Candidate A : So, we shall convince them to stop this wrong practice.

Candidate B : Thanks you , Raman , for resolving my problem.

Candidate A : Ok !




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