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Business Complaint Letter, complete complaint letters example.

Business Complaint Letter


A little laxity on part of a particular company may not only lead to short tempers but may sometimes result in legal wrangles also. It becomes very difficult to manage these frz.yed tempers of irate clients. Business complaint letter is one such letter, where a client complains about the reluctant way of work.

Here is a sample business complaint letter:


Pankaj Sharma

Royal Paradise Hotel

Karol Bagh

New Delhi



Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal


Crystal Building and Construction Company

New Delhi

18th June, 2011

Ref: Complaint regarding the work carried out

Dear Mr. Aggarwal,

Kindly refer to my letter dated 26th April, 2011. I had sent a written complaint that the renovation work carried out in my hotel has not been finished in the stipulated period. The work in the kitchens has not been done according to the specification that was given. The work in the suites too has not been finished yet.

It has been causing me great worry and trouble as I have already fixed the date of the inauguration ceremony and the invitations have been sent. 80% of the bookings for the rooms have already been done. The date was fixed after I got the assurance that the work will be completed in the given time.

In my previous letter, I had already brought this in your notice that still some amount of work is left. I was again promised that the work will be finished in the given time but it was not so.

I am, therefore, bringing in your notice that if the renovation is not complete in the stipulated period I will have to face a lot of hassles in postponing the inauguration date and also suffer losses as I will also have to cancel the bookings. I hope that necessary steps will be taken to complete the work.

Thanking You


Yours Sincerely

Pankaj Sharma


Royal Paradise Hotel

Karol Bagh


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