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Role of the Indian Youth | Social Issue Essay, Article, Paragraph for Class 12, Graduation and Competitive Examination.

Role of the Indian Youth

Scheme of the Essay:

Exposition: Young people can help the nation a lot.

Rising Action: Indian youth can help the country in a better manner.


(1) Only the young can bring changes in customs and traditions.

(2) These can help in consolidating democracy.

(3) Only young can take a live interest in national affairs.

(4) The young should be made responsible.

Falling Action: The young are not organised.

Ending: Organised youth can make India a prosperous country.

Young people can be of great help to the country and can serve the national cause if their energies are properly harnessed. Generally, the young people are ignored when the question of taking some important positions is concerned but they are always sought whenever the old generation wants to get help from them. The latter try to exploit them. That is why the young people in India have not been playing any constructive role. Indian youth can help the country in a better manner because they are respectful of their elders and follow the national tradition. But the power of the youth has not yet been utilised.

A nation can make progress if the social customs and traditions do not remain stagnant. There should be a change and that also for the betterment of the living conditions from time to time. A common man is conservative by nature, so he does not want any change in the working conditions. If the old people manage the affairs of a nation, they maintain the status quo only. Young people by giving a touch of newness and by taking initiative can overhaul the social system of the country. So, the young people should revolt against the customs which have outlived their utility.

Young people can help in consolidating the democratic set up. The older generation become selfish and utilitarian because they are earthlier in their outlook. On the other hand, young people are generous and large-hearted. They can ignore minor lapses and they can also make sacrifices for the public welfare. If this is done by the Indian youth the uplift of the downtrodden can never be a problem.

People should remain vigilant and never allow themselves to be exploited by the politicians. They should not become violent because that makes the law inoperative and causes several problems for the government. If they rise above the petty differences of caste, religion, and language they can help in national integration. This type of action is possible, particularly in the case of the young people.

Our system of education and the general atmosphere prevailing in the country have made the young irresponsible. The Indian youth is not so irresponsible because he is brought up in an atmosphere where responsibility is given greater importance. His devotion to his parents and devotion to all elders is such as can make him psychologically fit for taking up this role. Indian youth need only a direction and they can take the role of a guide for the nation.

The youth of India were unorganised because there was no one to give direction to their energies. Sanjay Gandhi not only organised the youth but also gave them a new role of importance. The untimely death of Sanjay Gandhi brought an end to the dynamic leadership. The leadership of the youth must be capable of holding them together because the young do not like to subordinate themselves so easily. The youth of India can build a strong and unified India.


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