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Menace of Drug Addiction | Social Issue Essay, Article, Paragraph for Class 12, Graduation and Competitive Examination.

Menace of Drug Addiction

Scheme of the essay

Exposition: Drug addiction is harmful to individuals and society.

Rising Action: It perverts the social life.


(1) Currently used drugs,

(2) Effects on human beings,

(3) Leads to crimes,

(4) Affluent society is afflicted,

(5) drug peddling is a profitable business.

Ending: How to stop it.

Addiction to drugs is a great menace to the society apart from making the addict a physical unless it drives him to a stage from where there is no return wreck a person has indomitable determination. The health of the society as a whole deteriorates and so does capacity do work; production falls and so per capita income falls. It also results in anti-social activities because an addicts must satisfy his desire to take drugs even if it can be done by committing robberies or murders Smuggling of these narcotics becomes a great businessman for checking it the government has to put a strain on the machinery maintaining law and order. The smugglers try to seek political patronage and take the help of the anti-social people. In this manner, political, economic and social life c the society degenerates.

The drugs currently used are heroin, hashish, mandarin L.S.D. and “smack” or brown sugar. These drugs are taken orally or with the help of injections or by inhaling the smoke after burning these drugs. These probably affect the nerve systems and the drug addicts become oblivious of pain and suffering. They are transported to “another world”. In the initial stages, this thrill is just fun for them but within a short time they cannot live without it. If an addict does n get the regular supply of drugs, he feels physically exhausted and experiences extreme pain in his body. He may shout at cry and may become violent. Obviously, a drug-addict cannot get rid of his habit. The worst part of it is that his desire to take drug in larger quantity increases.

Thus, the person is caught in a vicious circle; he realises that drug would kill him but he cannot give up the habit. As these drugs are very costly the financial resources of the person go on shrinking. He is forced to find means to get money. He takes to crimes Many reports show that majority of the criminals are drug addicts. Consequently, crimes committed by the teenagers are increasing and despite their sincere desire to give up the life of crime, they cannot. Addiction to drugs among the married people leads to the complete ruin of the family. They sell even their household goods in order to procure drugs.

Drug addiction, now a days, has afflicted the affluent society much more than the poorer sections because they can afford to spend on drugs. In India, labouring class and the Sadhus used to take ‘ganja’ or ‘charas’; Sadhus used to take because they wanted to become forgetful of the worldly pleasures and pains and also to face the rigours of weather whereas the labourers used to take in order to stand the strain of hard labour. In any case these drugs were not at all popular among the richer sections of the society. But now these drugs have been given a touch of respectability. It was in 1960’s that taking modern drugs became quite popular in India. Taking drugs began to be considered a sign of civilised living. In schools and colleges where children from affluent societies studied those who did not take drugs were considered to be antiquated in thinking and living. The adolescent children with the new-fangled notions of becoming anglicised and civilised generally fell prey to the charms of drug addiction.

As these drugs cannot be openly sold, supplying these drugs has become the most profitable business. Smugglers prefer to smuggle narcotics to the smuggling of gold. Lately Kashmir valley had become a heaven for the smugglers of drugs. It has been revealed that the militants in Punjab had close links with the drug pedlars; when some smugglers found that they could not carry on their business, turned terrorists.

In fact, the laws like “Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (1985)” and the sealing of the Indo-Pak border have checked smuggling. It is alleged that most of the smugglers come from N.W.F.P., that is the border of Afghanistan. It has, thus become a risky though most profitable business.

Realising the threat these drugs hold to the society and individuals many states have passed very strict laws. Burma, Brunei, Indonesia, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand have the death penalty for drug trafficking but is not mandatory. Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Sudan have executed offenders under Islamic laws. Australia has increased the maximum penalty to life imprisonment.

The drug addiction menace can be effectively met if the parents keep a close watch on their growing children. Extreme type of consciousness among the people should be aroused because laws alone cannot take us a long way. The smuggling of drugs should be effectively checked. If the nation ignores this problem it will go to dogs.


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