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Application for the post of a Mechanic, English Letter Example.

Application for the post of a Mechanic

Ashok Kumar

4/1, Narinder Marg



7th September …


The General Manager

Turncoat Textile Industries

New Delhi.


Dear Sirs

With reference to your advertisement in “The Times of India” you need the services of a really good mechanic. Will you please consider me an applicant for the position.

I am a young bachelor of 30 years with robust health and active habits. I passed the Matriculation examination from Punjab University three years ago. I was considered a very good student and the teachers spoke well of me.

Then I joined the Polytechnical Institute, Delhi. Here I studied the internal combustion engine, the working of electric motors, and allied subjects. Now I understand the whole mechanism from the sample carburetor to the whole machine.

At this institute. I had the opportunity to dismantle cars and then reassemble them. I have worked with Ray Brothers as an apprentice.

As this knowledge did not satisfy me, I joined another Institute along with a factory for the manufacture of tools. The whole film caught fire after some time and as the loss was very great the factory did not restart. However, I had picked up a good deal about manufacture there and I believe that I can fit in well at any post of responsibility so far as my line is concerned.

I am given to understand that I shall have great opportunities for further advancement with you. This is a further inducement for me to seek a position with you. Kindly give me a chance in your firm and oblige.

Yours faithfully


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