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Application for the Post of Accounts Clerk, English Letter Example.

Application for the Post of Accounts Clerk


Raman Kumar

10, Golden Street


10th September …



Messrs Hamilton & Co. Limited

Terror Lane


Dear Sir

In reply to your advertisement in today’s “The National Herald”, I wish to offer myself for the position of Accounts Clerk in your office. In accordance with your request, I give below some particulars about myself.

I was 22 years of age in January last and have had nearly two year’s experience in the office of Messrs Quick Traders Ltd., of New Delhi. My early schooling took place in Agra where my father was in business, but following his death my mother moved to Delhi, I attended the St. Marks School for four years and I enclose my school reports and the testimonial which was given to me by my headmaster on-leaving. I then followed a two-year course at the Delhi Commercial College and a certificate to this effect is also enclosed. During the last year, I attended the Chartered Accountants Classes and subsequently obtained a diploma in accountancy.

Messrs Quick Traders Ltd., are shifting their business to some other town and consequence are dismissing all their staff. This statement is confirmed in a testimonial from the firm, a copy of which I enclose and which covers the period of my service with them.

I am hopeful about getting a situation which will provide me changes for further experience and promotion, and I would suggest a salary of Rs. 6,350 per month.

I close this letter with the hope that an interview will be granted to me.

Yours faithfully


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