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An Aeroplane Crash – English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on – An Aeroplane Crash

Six months ago, I took a flight from Banga- lore to New Delhi. It was an early morning flight.

The flight took off at six in the morning. It sailed smoothly. Everyone looked happy and cheerful. Just ten minutes before landing the pilot came to know that its wheels had jammed but he went to trying his best to land the plane safely.

Inside the plane the passengers got panicky. Women and children started crying. Some men tried to rush towards the door. They were promptly stopped and seated by the crew. Some of the passengers were praying for the safe landing of the aircraft.

There was an announcement. Passengers were requested repeatedly to stick to their seats and tie their belts. Then we were asked to keep our heads in our laps as the plane was going to land on the ground. Once the aircraft stopped, we were to open our belts and rush towards the emergency exit. The inflated sides would be ready to make our escape smooth.

We experienced a few bumps and jolts. The plane came to a halt with a loud thud. It had toppled on one side. Everyone opened his or her belt and rushed towards emergency exits. The crew told us to run away from the craft without our luggage. All the passengers who have come out ran away for safety. As I turned back, I saw the plane catching fire. Then there were explosions, blazes, and smoke. There were clangs of fire engines at a distance. They rushed in to stop the outbreak of fire. To be a witness to an accident is bad, but to be a part of the accident is indeed horrifying. The whole experience of the crash landing left an indelible horror on my mind. We experienced death at a very close quarter. Thank God that there was no loss of life. Everyone on board had a narrow escape.

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