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A Railway Accident – English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on – A Railway Accident

It was midnight, I was traveling from Patna to Delhi by ‘Patliputra Express’. There were many passengers in the compartment.

I was sitting near the window. The sky was stubbed with twinkling stars. The train was running at full speed. Most of the passengers were sleeping or dozing.

All of a sudden, I felt a massive jerk followed by a deafening roar. The luggage kept overhead on racks came tumbling down. Many passengers got injured. There were cries.

Soon we came to know that our train was involved in a head-on collision. More crises and scrams rent the sky from other compartments too. There was confusion all around. It was totally dark.

On coming out of the compartment I found the first three bogies completely smashed. The engine lay upside down on one side of the track. The engine of a good train too had derailed and was badly damaged. Many of the passengers of the first three bogies were crushed to death. The others were badly wounded and crying in pain. Some lay buried under the bogies. There was nobody to rescue them. It was a very pathetic scene.

After almost two hours three trucks of military and tour ambulances arrive at the scene. First aid was given to the injured ones and the serious ones were boarded in the ambulances and taken to nearby hospitals. The engine driver of our train had died trying to save the accident.

Many villagers rushed to the scene of the accident and helped the remaining injured passengers in one way or the other.

The dead passengers were carried in trucks. Then the passengers were carried by military trucks to the nearest city. About 90 passengers had died, over 150 got badly injured and some twenty-three of them were in critical condition. It was a horrible sight I had ever seen. I can’t forget the accident as long as I am alive.

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