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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of the Sea” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 6

Facts of the Sea – 6

531. The sea anemone has many brightly coloured tentacles which attract small fish. The tentacles then sting the prey and trap it.

532. Twenty ocean sunfish can lay at a time as many eggs as there are people on earth.

533. If a soap- fish gets annoyed, it lets off a soapy, slimy mucus.

534. The lantern- eye fish is a small fish that has ‘headlights’ on them which they can switch on and off at will. Under each eye, is another eye- like structure on which thrive luminous bacteria. The bacteria produce light continuously and the fish can expose or reveal them by moving a membrane.

535. During its lifetime, an oyster changes its sex from male to female and back, several times.

536. The starfish forces open the shells of bivalves (sea animals with two shells) by sucking hard through its feet. The opening on the under- side of his body throws out its stomach on to the soft part of the animal. The stomach returns to its place after devouring the food.

537. Archer fish catch flying insects by knocking them down with a force full spit.

538. Giant Squids have the biggest eyes- ten times bigger than a human eye.

539. The Coconut Crab is the only sea animal that can climb a coconut tree to get its food. It drills the eye of the coconut to drink the water in it. It is also known as the Robber Crab.

540. An octopus has three hearts.


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