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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of the Sea” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 7

Facts of the Sea – 7

541. The mother crocodile lays her eggs in a nest of plants near the bank of a river and covers them with mud. She then stands guard over them. When the eggs are hatched, the baby crocodiles make squeaking noises to announce their birth to their mother, who then carries them in her mouth to the river to keep them safe from predators.

542. Some crabs defend themselves by placing sea anemones that have stinging tentacles on their claws.

543. When a starfish is attacked, it sheds an arm. Soon a new arm grows in its place.

544. When parrot – fish go to sleep, they cover themselves with bubble of slime which they make in their mouths. This stops predators from picking up their scent.

545. Angle- fish and butterfly – fish have very similar shapes, but angle- fish are usually larger.

546. Coral reefs are found in warm, clear, shallows waters off tropical coastlines and islands. They need warmth and sunlight to grow.

547. The Weddell seal can stay underwater for an hour.

548. I fall the oceans on earth dried up, the resultant rock salt would be enough to build a wall, a mile thick and 18 miles high all around the equator.

549. The Red Sea is the warmest and saltiest of all seas. No rivers empty onto it. It is surrounded by parched land and it continually evaporating. Its salt content is 43 to 46 grams per kg of water.

550. You can tell a fish’s age by counting the rings on its scales in the same way that you can estimate the age of a tree by counting the rings in the trunk.


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