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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of the Sea” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 5

Facts of the Sea – 5

521. The biggest wave ever recorded in the open sea was during a storm in 1933. The wave hit a height of 34 meters.

522. The level of the sea rises by about 30 cm every 100 years.

523. A blue baby whale, at the time of its birth, weighs up to 4,000 kg, almost as heavy as a full – grown elephant.

524. On an average, the turtle lays 1,800 eggs. Of these on an average, 1,395 do not hatch, 374 hatchlings die quickly and only three live long enough to breed.

525. There are instances of parental care among certain breeds of fishes. But here too there are cases of the female being quite unaware of or disowning its responsibility. The male paradise fish of China, for example, blows bubbles out of its sticky secretion, places the eggs in this ‘ home’ and watches over them. The male catfish carries the eggs in its mouth and remains on fast till they are hatched is another example.

526. The sea- horse is an odd looking fish. The female of this species transfers the fertilized eggs to the pouch of the male where they get nourishment form the father’s blood stream till the time they are hatched.

527. A 14 year- old boy who fell off a boat in the Adriatic, was saved by a dolphin. The boy could not swim and was sinking when the dolphin ( who is well- known to the local fishermen) pushed him up to the surface and towards the boat where his frantic father pulled him out.

528. The scallop is a very active swimmer. It has sensory tentacles and a large number of blue green eyes just inside the shell to help it.

529. The crab has eyes that are perched on top of stalks (like the periscope of a submarine) and these allow it to see right round itself.

530. The anglerfish (which lives in the deep dark regions of the ocean) has a rod – like projection from its body that resembles a fishing rod. It lures its prey by using the luminous end of this rod.


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