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Write a Letter From a Bride to her parents on her Honeymoon, Family Letter

From a Bride to her parents on her Honeymoon

Dear Mother and Dad,

It is fabulously beautiful. Ashok and I just couldn’t have picked a more perfect place for our honeymoon ! We know now why it is called a “Secret Paradise”.

I’m so happy, darling ! Ashok is a wonderful, wonderful husband. I know that the magic and beauty of this past week, our first week together, will always remain with me. It can never fade, not if I live to be a hundred !

Does that sound sentimental? Well, I am sentimental today. It’s never forget it? It’s the kind of wedding I always demand about, ever since, I was a little girl. You looked lovely, mother? I do hope the pictures turn out well.

There’s linen shop here and we bought over selves a dinner cloth … its such fund buying things together for our own home ! Ashok and I are thrilled with all the marvelous wedding gifts we got.

I’m enclosing some cards. They show the magnificent fountains and gardens in front of the hotel the swimming pool  and the patio, the golf course and Cabana Club. Ashok is taking a lot of pictures of show you when we get back.

I’ll write again in a few days. My husband your nice new son-in-law-sends his love. Write to us soon.




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