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Write a Letter From a Mother to her Daughter, Family Letter

From a Mother to her Daughter

My Dear Kanta,

I am very much distressed at your thinking that you have any reason to suspect the fidelity of your husband. Let me entreat you, as you love your own happiness, to suppress these early rising of passion that  can procure you nothing but the keenest anguish of heart. My child, take care of a suspicion which will not only give you present  uneasiness by  spoiling your temper, but weaken you from the affections of your husband. If he be innocent your suspicions are one of the greatest injuries and rendering those evils real which are now only imaginary. I say imaginary, for I cannot think a man of  his sense can  be guilty of anything so vicious and foolish.

Thus, would you yourself contribute to his triumph, while he seeing that he can no longer have occasion for service, will grow hardened in vice. Let me therefore, beg of you to summon all your prudence. Instead of loading him with reproaches, and by your illhumour driving him to her, you would  him shun, strive to make home agreeable to him and let him see that it is not in the power of a trumpet to suppress you in sweetness of temper. By this, you will, in time over-power him by your goodness. You will force conviction into his soul, and obtain the noblest of all conquests. Your will recover his heart and perhaps save him which you love form eternal ruin. Your children will have the greatest reason to rejoice in the prudence of such a mother.

Yours loving mother,



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