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Write a Letter to Younger Brother about his Career, Family Letter

A Descriptive Letter to Younger Brother about his Career

Dated ……….

My Dear Ramesh,

It gave me immense pleasure to learn that you have passed B.A. examination securing good second class marks. You are right in thinking to settle in your life because post-graduation you can do even through correspondence.

As you have done no vocational course you can take up only a clerical job. I think a job in one or the other bank is the best. In the ministers the clerks are not respected though they have to do most of the work. They are insulted, criticized and bullied by their officers. This kind of bossism does not exist in bank because everyone is in charge of his work. Moreover there is no political interference in the banks. After the business hour the atmosphere in banks is very friendly and cordial. They punctuate their work with talks.   Above all you can cultivate good social relations with the customers without indulging in any corrupt practice. In bank there are greater promotional avenues.

For getting a job in a bank you will have to sit on a competitive examination. A written test comprising subjective type  English, multiple choice English, clerical aptitude test , numerical ability test and test of reasoning are followed by an interview. I am sure you can do well in the written examination because you have a good command over English and Arithmetic. I will send you some relevant books.

Convey my respects to father and mother. Love to Seema and Vibha

Your loving brother,



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