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Write a  Letter Subscribing to a Magazine 

Write a  Letter Subscribing to a Magazine 


J1/20, D.D.A. Flats,


New Delhi-110019.

November 17, 1990.



Mr. G. Krishnan,

General Manager (Marketing),

2001 (Science Today),

Times of India Building,

D.N. Road, Bombay-400001.

Dear Sir,

One day I happened to be at the New Delhi railway station because I had to receive some one. As the train was late by half an hour, I went to a book-stall on the platform to buy some magazine. While I was just looking for some good periodical my eyes fell on ‘2001’, October 1990. As I turned its pages at a glance I found it interesting and instructive and so I bought a copy of it.

On going through it, I found it of absorbing interest. I found a few articles very fascinating specially “Who is Afraid of Mathematics?” by Indira Murthy. Mathematics is also my favourite school subject. Another article which again attracted and made an interesting reading was “Einstein and God”. It was a pleasant discovery, for me because its contents covered varied scientific subjects which provide a lot of food for thought. It is quite informative and enlightening magazine for serious readers of scientific Temperament.

Therefore, I have decided to become its regular member by subscribing to it and enclose a Demand Draft of Rs. 150.00 (Rupees one hundred & fifty only) towards its’ annual subscription for twelve issues for the year 1991. Kindly acknowledge the receipt.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Vinod Kumar Mehta


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