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Write a Letter to a Publisher Ordering Some Books

Write a Letter to a Publisher Ordering Some Books


J & K Pocket,

Dilshad Garden,


New Delhi-110095.

August 27, 1990


The Sales Manager,

Diamond Pocket Books Pvt. Limited,

2715, Darya Ganj,

New Delhi-110002.


Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your prompt response to my enquiry and sending of the latest Catalogue of your books.

I shall feel obliged if you can send me the following books, preferably by some bearer of yours.

  1. INDIA : A Guide 2 copies Rs. 60.00 each Rs. 120.00 2. Dances of India 3 copies Rs. 25.00 each Rs. 75.00
  2. English Speaking 1 copy Rs. 40.00 each Rs. 40.00 Course (Library Edition)
  3. Letter Drafting Course 2 copies Rs. 30.00 each Rs. 60.00 (New & Revised Edition)
  4. Horoscope (1991) 2 copies Rs. 6.00 each Rs. 12.00 one each of Leo and Scorpio.
  5. Singhhasan Battisi 2 copies Rs. 12.00 each Rs. 24.00 (Hindi) Part I & II

Total Rs. 331.00

I am enclosing a crossed Demand Draft of Rs. 280.00 (Rupees Two hundred and eighty only) drawn in favour of the Diamond Pocket Books Pvt. Ltd. after deducting the 15% towards discount which you allow on a purchase of more than Rs. 250.00.

Kindly acknowledge the receipt of the D/D and acceptance of my order on the phone and also tell me when I am likely to receive these books at the earliest by a bearer of yours.

Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,

Kamlesh Dewan


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