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Write a Letter Applying for Agency, Complete Letter.

Write a Letter Applying for Agency


18th December, 2011

New India Traders

192/2, Balmiki Nagar


Dear Sirs,

This has reference to your advertisement in the ‘Times of India dated 17th December 2011, regarding appointment of Stockist/ Agent for your latest line of designer apparels and ladies dresses. We have pleasure in furnishing following information for your perusal.

  1. That we can offer cash security of 7 1 Lakh
  2. That we can guarantee an annual sale of T 2 million.
  3. That we have an excellent showroom in Jayanagar, which is a popular business center. Besides, we have 2 more showrooms in other parts of Bengaluru.
  4. That we shall pay all bills in 45 days.
  5. That we shall receive goods F.O.R and any loss arising at any stage until receipt shall be borne by you.
  6. That we shall expect a minim= commission of 18% and an additional 2% when our sales exceed 7 2 million.
  7. That we shall work as exclusive distributors in Karnataka
  8. That we shall be entitled to all special offers you might make from time to time and our percentage of commission shall not be affected under any circumstances, whatsoever.
  9. That we are at liberty to sell any product similar to that of yours, as long as the minimum annual sale of your product of 2 million is maintained.
  10. That all publicity matter including price lists in our name shall be supplied to us at your cost.
  11. ‘That all our orders shall be executed within ten days of their receipt.

ICICI Bank, jayanagar Branch, Bengaluru shall be glad to furnish any information, which you may like to have about our Financial status.

We hope that the above information will fully convince you inappointing us as your sole-distributor for Karnataka.

We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Thanking You


Yours Faithfully

 For Vaishnavi Traders

Managing Partner


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