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Write a Letter Accepting Terms of Agency, Complete Letter.

Write a Letter Accepting Terms of Agency


Vaishnavi Traders

56/2, Chinmaya Nagar

Chennai 1st January; 2011

M/s City Corporation

Air Port Road



Dear Sirs,

This has reference to your letter dated 25th December 2011

We have pleasure in accepting your terms and conditions of sole-agency. We have advised our bankers to transfer a sum of 7 80,000 to your account. Kindly send us the official receipt against the security deposit.

We are glad to place our initial order for 1500 pieces. Intercity Transport Company may please dispatch the same instead of rail, as they will deliver the goods at our showroom, and it will be viable.

Also, please dispatch us some publicity material in order to enable us to send the same to our customers.

Thanking You


Your Faithfully

Vaishnavi Traders

Managing Partner


Note: It is not necessary that the distributors at Tamil Nadu should accept the terms and conditions as mentioned in the above letter. On the other hand, if they find that any condition is not acceptable to them or some other condition is acceptable to them with modification, they should write to the manufacturers accordingly.


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