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Write a Family Letter “Father to a Reckless Son” and Reply of the letter by son

Father to a Reckless Son

My Dear Son,

I am inexpressibly grieved to learn from a friendly source that you are far from accomplishing the high arms which animated you only a few months back when you bade farewell to your dear mother and myself in your old home to try your fortune so far away.

Time and again I have essayed to myself into the belief that my boy, whose future, but one year ago, was so full of promise, could not in so short a time have forgotten all the elevating influences of a refined home and the gentle training of a tender mother, so as to impose upon me the sad and painful office when stern duty now demands.

Indisposed as I have been to view the matter in serious light, it is not now possible, in a face of the frequent reports transmitted to me, to comfort myself any longer with the hope that conditions are not so fully grave as they have been represented.

I am now satisfied that your course, ever since you were first installed in your present position through my influence and the persistent efforts, of friends, has been one of utter recklessness and uninterrupted dissipation.

It is father’s heart bowed down with the weight of sorrow, my dear Vijai, which cries out to you through the gathering darkness of the tempest to check your headlong career of vice before you are dashed upon the fatal rocks which line the shores of certain ruin.

Pause my son, and reflect while yet it is time. Pause and ponder before your last chance is engulfed in the dark abyss of that by gone eternity which never gives up its dead. Steadily you have been trading the gilded paths which lead to dishonor and destruction. The skillful men whose kind offices were secured to rain you in an honorable profession, which would fit you for the great struggle of life are steadily losing confidence in you on account of your dissipation and you have been retained thus far in their employ only through the high respect which they entertain for me. But, my son, indulgence and forbearance have their limit, and we cannot expect of our friends unjust sacrifices in a world where even merit often falls of recognition.

Desist at once, my dear boy, summon all the forces of your will and determination and with one great titanic effort fling the monster form you and crush it beneath your heel as you would a venomous reptile eager for your destruction.

Go now, my dear son, into the seclusion of your room and reflect well upon what I have written in no spirit of rebuk, but urged on  by a father’s love. Then write me in all condour and confidence and if you feel that you possess the moral strength, to sunder the letters which evil habits and bad company, have riveted upon you remain where you are and re-establish yourself in the good opinion of your real friends.

On the other hand, if you fear to trust yourself and longer in your present environment of temptation, come to your home and let time, the great healer, aided by a disposition on your part of earnestness in the right direction restore you   to your better self and former estates of moral rectitute.

Your affectionate father,

Ratan Lal

Reply to above

My Dear Father,

Your affectionate letter of 9th instant has been just receive, and read with feelings of deep reverence and gratitude.

Indeed to my great sorrow and humiliation, I confess that the information which you have received is quite true. Shortly after arriving here I was thrown into the society of young men of my age with surroundings of wealth and fostered habits of idleness, extravagance and dissipation.

I am deeply touched by your kind and reassuring letter, though filled with remorse and shame.  I have been invested with a new courage and imbued with a sense of renewed hope which I feel will release me form the meshes in which  I have become entangled, and you may now rest assured, father, that you will never again have just cause to grieve for any act of mine, unworthy of so good and kind parents as it has been my good future to possess.

Yours devoted son,



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