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How to Write Family Letters-General Rules of Family Letters

Family Letters

The same general rules that apply to friendly letters apply to family letters-except that in correspondence with members of the family, people are usually more intimate and more  concerned with personal affairs.

Just be sure that you are never careless or thoughtless when writing to a member of your family. They not to say anything in your letter that is ungracious or unkind. Make it a point never to write anything to a member of your family that you wouldn’t or couldn’t say directly to that person in conversation.

A good general rule to bear in mind is that you should never sit down and force yourself to write to a member of your family, merely because a letter is “due” and expected. But on the other hand, never ignore a letter from someone in your family who is worried about your health , or concerned about your welfare or progress. Such letters should be answered promptly and full. It isn’t kind to keep someone who cares about you waiting for information important to his or her peace of mind.  


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