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Write a debate in 150-200 words on “Westernization has eroded Indian cult”.

Westernization has eroded Indian culture.

Honorable principal, respected teachers, and my worthy opponent, Good Morning. One of the esteemed members of jury I, Navya stands before you to debate for the motion that westernization has eroded Indian culture. Indian culture, which is one of the oldest and richest cultures, is nowadays posing a serious threat as western culture is establishing its strong base in India and slowly and gradually wiping the Indian culture. Westernization has affected our traditions, customs, family, and our respect and love for others. The concept of joint families is fast declining and everyone wants to remain aloof from others. Nobody now bothers about others which is totally contradictory to our Indian culture which teaches us to love and share. Westernization has given rise to single families. Marriages are fast-breaking and our tolerance and patience are at an end. In today’s scenario where both husband and wife are working, there is no one at home to look after their children or to instill ‘sanskaras’ in them. In the majority of cases, the children prefer to remain away from their parents which is very unfortunate. It is unfortunate that today’s generation has little knowledge about their culture and their roots. This is the mistake of their parents who fail to enlighten their children. Contradictory to it, parents feel proud in giving the western sanskaras to their children. Unless adults initiate educating their children, they will remain miles away from Indian culture.

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