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Write a debate in 150-200 words on “Joint Family is the most appropriate way of life”.

Joint Family is the most appropriate way of life.

Respected Chairperson, honourable judges, members of staff and friends!

I, Nishant, stand before you to speak for the motion on Joint Family as the most appropriate way of life in the context of our age-old culture. We know that our culture lays much emphasis on human values of love, affection, pity, mercy, sympathy, help, and compassion of Human life and survival are the most important aspects of life. Such a way of life is possible only in a joint family. In a joint family, the eldest member has all the worries of taking care of his entire family. In return, he is respected and is honourable for all. Children and women are paid due attention as they are the future of the family lineage. Duties are shared as the joint family becomes a fine example of the division of labour. The weak and the old are equally looked after. Thus the joint family becomes the most desirable way of life in which members progress and are helped by all. Cooperation, sharing of work, and taking care of the children, the weak and the elderly are important aspects. The old don’t become victims of negligence as they become in a nuclear family.

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