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Write a debate in 150-200 words on “Gender equality is Impossible”

Gender equality is Impossible

The respected jury I stand before you to argue against the motion that gender equality is impossible.

It is a fundamental moral truth that all human beings are born equal. If we look at it from a Christian viewpoint, it is written that “Eve was created from a rib at Adam’s side, not above him to rule over him, not below him to be trampled by him but from his side so that she will rule beside him.” Therefore, to neglect or refuse gender equality is refuting that fundamental moral truth that all human beings deserve to be equal.

There is also no proven evidence that women are in any general way less talented, less intelligent, or less brilliant than men. There are many cases where women are even more talented than their male counterparts in areas that are predominantly male, such as the engineering. Case studies have also shown that some males are more talented in domestic areas such a hairdressing or domestic household responsibilities. Therefore, to provide job opportunities based on the stereotypical male-female roles instead of the individual’s capability would be such a waste of human talent and would impede the growth of expertise in that particular area. Not providing women equal rights in the workforce would also impede economic progress.

I feel that it is possible that total equality exists between the sexes, total equality means that both genders can choose to contradict gender stereotypes and not to suffer discrimination as a result of it.

With this, I rest my case.

Thank you


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