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Write a debate in 150-200 words on “Co-Education is good”

Co-Education is good

Good morning, respected judges! I, Himansu, stand before you to argue in favour of the motion that Co-Education is good.

There are many advantages and hardly any disadvantages to the co-educational system. Co-education is an economical system because both boys and girls can study in the same schools and they can be taught by the same staff.

Boys and girls have to live together in the society in their later lives and if they are taught together from the very beginning, they can understand each other well.

Again if they are taught together, it will create a sense of healthy competition among them. In this manner, they will work hard and pay serious attention to their studies. The boys will not indulge in eve-teasing and the girls will not be afraid of boys. Thus they will have a balanced development.

It is also a common experience that the boys behave decently in the company of girls. Similarly, the girls will have no hesitation while talking with boys. On the other hand, if boys and girls are taught in separate schools, boys will misbehave with the girls. They would always have a curiosity to know about them.

Co-education is a wholesome step towards fighting gender disparity.

With these arguments, I rest my case.

Thank you.


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