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Urdu text book “Jaan Pahechan” Urdu E-book for class 10, CBSE , NCERT.



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  1. Aadil says:

    Great but I already have this text, hence I request you to publish again with solutions so that it further helps students in Board exam…

    • evirtualguru_ajaygour says:

      Thanks Aadil for your valuable comment on this post, we will try our level best to upload solutions regarding this topic.



  2. Whimsy dragon says:

    Plz make an animation on every chapter to let students understand the text at higher level..

  3. Umair Ahmed says:

    Answers could also help us

  4. Basit ali says:

    Pls give the solved textbook pdf not the textbook

  5. Sadiya says:

    Solution would have helped much better than just a TEXTBOOK .

    • Faisal ~ says:

      No even text book is also best for now lock down in every countries dur to a disease and its best bcoz now no one is gonna go and buy text book in this situation so its good and even your also correct that solutions should be there but if students dont have text book than what will they do with solutions so i think u hve to say is solution also must be there !!! Then it would be easy for students to learn and first of all am not a teacher … Am also a student , am saying this by students thought that what they think soo kindly am sorry if your hurted by my words

  6. imran ali says:

    Please tell me the best urdu book for Bihar boards.

  7. Aaqib Jawed says:

    Everything is very good
    But plzz upload chapter with solutions
    So that it can help students in board exam

  8. Shadab Alam says:

    Please uploads chapter with solution

  9. khushbooparween says:

    I have the text already plazas avail me solutions

  10. Please send solutions of this book my board exam is coming

  11. Manish says:

    Please send solutions.

  12. saadiyah says:

    please i request you to upload answers again as i need it urgently
    thanx for ur kind help

  13. Abdullah Ammar says:

    Book is fine but why it is not downloading whole book at once

  14. Chhotu says:

    Solution चाहिए

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